About Us


Founded in January 2014, OGIDiscounts.com offers its members discounts, deals and huge shopping advantages when shopping offline or online.

OGIDiscounts.com stands in the middle between consumers and merchants and provides tools for both sides. It creates a win-win situation for every member of this community. Combining the power of a large consumer network and a database of important merchants and service providers, our company sets new revolutionary standards in the way the market operates.

OGIDiscounts.com’s initial goal was to help small or medium-sized enterprises stand out from the competition by equipping them with all the needed tools to enlarge their customer base.

Our Vision

OGIDiscounts.com’s vision is to maintain and grow a global membership base that serves both individual and business members. Individual members will benefit from discounts and promotions provided by our business partners while, at the same time, the businesses will expand their customer base and fully participate in the advantages of an online presence.

The CEO of OGIDiscounts.com

Tom Thurber is the CEO of OGIDiscounts.com and he is committed to serve the company and help it grow in new markets around the world. Tom is an experienced business executive whose background enables him to provide the input and guidance needed to grow our company successfully.
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